Christchurch v Ringwood Town Sunday 5th September 2010

Christchurch v Ringwood Town
Match Result: 0 – 10
TEAM – Luis R (Captain), Connor R, Beau R, Jack G, Mikey F, Charles F, Alex A
Subs – Harry H, Taryn M
First match of the season and the Christchurch team were enthusiastic about making a promising start. Ringwood started the match not holding back and having 5 shots on goal within the first 8 minutes,but Connor (Goalkeeper) made some fantastic saves and really threw himself onto the ball at times. Ringwood kept on pushing forward throughout the first half and after 9 minutes they were successful at scoring their 1st goal. Ringwood then had another blinding shot on goal, Connor got a hand to it and pushed it away, Ringwood fought back and had another shot on goal which was cleared off of the line by Luis, a great bit of defending. Another goal was scored by Ringwood after 11 minutes bringing the score to 2-0. Christchurch then gained a free-kick for a handball, which did not amount to anything. There was some good teamwork played by Christchurch when Charlie chipped the ball into the box and Jack had a half chance of a goal. Charlie also had a shot on goal with a great pass from Mikey but to no avail. Alex was then subbed and Taryn made his debut for Christchurch and then Ringwood came back with another 2 goals making the half-time score 4-0.
The 2nd half started and Beau was subbed for Harry making his return to Christchurch , 5 minutes into the 2nd half Ringwood scored their 5th goal and Jack was subbed for Beau. Christchurch were then unlucky and Ringwood then went onto score a further 5 goals, 2 of these goals were made from quite a distance from the goal and Connor did his utmost to save them. Throughout the 2nd half all of the Christchurch team battled on and kept their heads up high, not giving up for a minute with excellent defending from Beau and Luis who worked really hard at the back.
Next week we have got Rossgarth and a chance to get our first points of the season