Christchurch v Bournemouth Electric Sunday 16th January 2011

Christchurch v Bournemouth Electric
Match Result: 0 – 7
TEAM: Connor R, Jack G, Charlie F, Harry H, Fredie M, Lewis C, Luis R,Alex A, Cameron C, Taryn M, Mikey Field
Subs: Cameron C, Alex A, Taryn M, Mikey F
The game started with Bournemouth Electric making a grand push forward and after only 33 seconds they were able to score their first goal of the match opening the scoreline 0-1. Christchurch appeared unable to keep possession of the ball and Bournemouth Electric did continue to surge up the pitch but Christchurch stayed focused and defended to the hilt.
Welcome to Freddie who made his debut today for Christchurch and made some great passes and had a really good run down on the right wing from a pass from Harry.
Bournemouth were then able to open up their lead further by another goal after 7 minutes in making the score 0-2. After 8 minutes Jack came off injured and Mikey was out on the pitch. Mikey and Cameron played well in the centre of the pitch with some great passes, Charlie, Harry battled on despite being 0 – 2 down.
Connor made some really great saves during the first half such as the blinding kick from Bournemouth Electric after 10 minutes where Connor was then able to jump and to tip it over the bar, great save!
Christchurch then battled on throughout the first half trying to score and Freddie was then subbed with Alex and Charlie was subbed with Taryn and Christchurch were able to keep the scoreline at 0-2 up until half-time, this was achieved by some excellent defending from Luis and Lewis and some great footwork from Charlie and Harry upfront.
Bournemouth Electric came out wanting possession and were successful in gaining it and scored after 3 minutes making it 0 – 3. Before Christchurch had the chance to answer this goal Bournemouth Electric then came on the attack and scored with four minutes in to make it
0 – 4
Jack and Freddie tried hard in defence and were able to asist Connor with some great shots at goal from Bournemouth Electric and after 8 minutes Charlie came on and Taryn was taken off. Bournemouth then scored their 5th and 6th goal in quick succession. Christchurch then won a indirect free kick at the edge of the box which Mikey took but Christchurch were unable to take full advantage of this chance. Charlie then had a close shot on goal which ended up in the side netting. Bournemouth Electric then finished off the game with another goal 0- 7.