Rossgarth v Christchurch Sunday 6th February 2011

Rossgarth v Christchurch
Match Result: 2 – 2
TEAM: Mikey F, Jack G, Charlie F, Lewis C, Harry H, Taryn M, Adam L, Luis R
SUBS: Adam L
Goal Scorers: Charlie, Lewis
Christchurch started the match on a positive note with some good attacking coming from Charlie, Lewis and Harry. Luis was strong in midfield and made some good passes to the players at the front. The defence for Christchurch had to work hard at the behininning of the game with Taryn and Jack having to defend the Christchurch goal quite a lot, whilst Mikey did a fantastic job of standing in as our goalie during the match today.
Rossgarth were then able to catch out Christchurch on the break and force their way forward and they were then able to score the first goal of the match making the score 1 – 0.
Christchurch answered this attack with a great goal kick from Mikey which landed inside the penalty box, which Christchurch seemed to take full adavantage of and Charlie had a shot at the goal and this was only just saved by Rossgarth's goalie. This shot then rebounded and Harry then booted the ball but once again Christchurch were denied their first goal. Luis also had a couple of shots at goal but was unlucky as they were just wide of the goalmouth. There were a few moments during the 1st half when Christchurch were robbed of their chances of scoring. After 10 minutes into the game Taryn was then subbed and Adam was bought on and there was some great defending from Mikey and from Adam.
Christchurch then surged forward and made a break into Rossgarth's defence and Charlie with some help from Harry and Lewis was able to put the ball into the back of the net, making the score 1-1.
Subs: Jack G
Christchurch started the 2nd half hungry for another goal and Rossgarth obviously were also trying to score again. Taryn was excellent in defence for Christchurch and he worked like a trojan defending alongside Adam who had some great tackles and passes to the strikers at the front. Luis and Lewis surged forward and Christchurch were successful in winning themselves quite a few corners which once again culminated in shots just wide of the goal mouth. Luis took a great corner but Christchurch were denied, but Rossgarth had a handball so Christchurch were awarded a penalty. Harry (captain) allowed Lewis to take this and this resulted in Christchurch scoring again making the score 1-2. Charlie was then subbed with Jack and Rossgarth came back on the attack, even though there was some great defending from Christchurch, Rossgarth were able to push themselves through and even the score to 2-2. Luis had an unlucky shot and the ball just skimmed over the bar.
Christchurch had a good game and it was enjoyable to watch, perhaps some more practice with passes would be advantageous before the next game, but well done boys a great result.