Christchurch v Sway Sunday 27th February 2011

Christchurch v Sway
Match Result: 3 – 3
Goal Scorers: Harry, Charlie, Luis
Team: Connor R, Jack G, Charlie F, Mikey F, Harry H, Luis R, Cameron C, Lewis C, Freddie M, Adam L
Subs: Lewis, Cameron, Mikey
1st Half
Sway came out on a positive nore and surged forward trying to claim an early goal, but Connor made a great save. Christchurch then answered this with an attack of their own and Luis crossed the ball into Charlie who chipped the ball just wide of the goal mouth. The game did seem to be quite evenly matched until Christchurch were then able to break through Sway's defence and Harry had a cracking shot and scored a great goal 1-0. Sway then came back on the attack but were stopped in their tracks by Jack in midfield and once again they surged forward and there was some great defending from Adam and Freddie. Sway then won a free kick at the edge of the box and Harry made a great header nudging the ball over the goal.
Christchurch then ran up the pitch, good teamwork from Harry and Charlie and Luis and Charlie then chipped the ball into the back of the net 2-0
Sway then answered this with a goal 2-1, Charlie and Luis were then subbed for Mikey, Lewis on.Sway then answered this by pushing through Christchurch's defence and were then able to score 2-2
Half-Time Score 2-2
2nd Half
Subs: Connor, Lewis, Harry
Sway came on in the 2nd half looking for another goal, they kept on surging foward and eventually they were able to to score after 4 minutes 2-3. Sway then tried to attempt to score again but were stopped in their tracks by Freddie with a great save.
Christchurch then looking for the equaliser surged up the pitch and Mikey made a good pass to Luis who then went on to score a cracking goal 3-3. Jack, Adam were then subbed with Lewis and Connor. Both teams then battled onto to try and get the winning goal but the 3-3 scoreline remained.
Full-Time Score 3-3