Christchurch v Everton Sunday 6th March 2011

Christchurch v Everton
Match Result: 0 – 3
The game started and both teams came out on a positive note, Beau was then injured as the ball hit him in the face, so he was subbed with Mikey. Everton then used this time to push their team forward and had a cracking shot on goal, but it was knocked wide by Connor. Christchurch then came back with an attack of their own and Harry, Jack and Charlie made some great passes to each other and Harry had a good shot at the goal which was easily saved by their goalie.
Everton were then awarded a frre kick just outside of the box and even though it was a great kick, once again it was knocked just wide of the goal mouth, with a great save from Connor.
Christchurch then surged down the pitch and there was some great passing going on between Harry, Charlie who passed to Jack who had a shot at the goal with his left foot but was unlucky with the finish. Everton then came back on the break and even though Christchurch's defence of Adam and Lewis and Beau in midfield battled hard, Everton then scored the opening goal. 0-1
Subs: Harry, Beau
Christchurch came on looking for their first goal and there was some fine passes made but Everton kept on pushing forward and after a goal mouth scramble Everton were able to put the ball into the back of the net. 0-2
Christchurch then won a corner and a great corner was taken from Jack and Mikey had a good shot at the goal but hit it just wide. Charlie tackled well and it was just the finishing that Cheistchurch were unable to complete. Charlie, Adam subbed and Beau and Harry were bought on and Beau and Lewis fought hard in defence whilst Mikey, Harry and Luis surged forward to try and score. The play was quite evenly matched until Everton then scored a blinder of a goal with a header. Christchurch's response to this was to attack and Mikey had a cracking shot on goal that went wide.
TEAM: Connor R, Jack G, Charlie F, Luis R, Lewis C, Adam L, Beau R, Harry H, Mikey F
SUBS: Mikey, Luis