Stevie Bernard    1985 - 2005

The Steve Bernard Foundation Ltd was formed following the tragic passing of the affectionately named Stevie in November 2005. To view the Steve Bernard Foundation Ltd web site click on the link at the bottom of this page.

Tragically taken from us ~ but never forgotten......

The terrible news that Steve Bernard had died in a traffic accident reached Christchurch Football Club on Thursday 3rd November. At the training session that evening it was a very emotional Hurn Bridge. With grown men in tears and the girls at the Club inconsolable it was a time for reflection. My own memories of Stevie were of an intelligent, well-behaved lad. Not for him the pub and night clubs but rather the training ground, his girl friend and his family. His talent on the football pitch was obvious to see but the manner in which he performed was exceptional. Not for him to kick opponents or to scream at match officials or to be the big star after a game but rather the unassuming lad who just enjoyed being involved. Everyone who knew Stevie will be poorer now he has gone but most of all our thoughts are with his family. His father Tony and his younger brother Jacque were frequently at Hurn Bridge and regularly helped behind the scenes. Difficult as it is, Christchurch Football Club must continue. Stevie would have wanted that. He was our "special one."

The Bridgeman

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